How to Win High Paying Jobs on Upwork

#3 — Past work in your portfolio
Upwork provides a great place to showcase your past work to new clients. Providing detailed captions and headlines will get them to check out your past work and possible mean the difference between $10 job and $1,000 job.
Don’t be the one who falls short because of a communication issue. Fill out your portfolio on Upwork completely.
#2 — Your Profile And Portfolio
This should already be done way before you ever even think about bidding on a job. When I first started I did try to bid on jobs when my profile didn’t have anything hardly on it. I got 1 job without adding much content, but don’t expect that to happen for you. I had to work hard at adding new content to my portfolio and adjust my resume to better sell my clients.
#1 — Top Rated Badge
I covered this in more detail on another blog post here.
Since then the requirements have not changed.
  1. Maintain Job Sucess Score of 90% or higher.
  2. Your first job hire was more than 90 days ago.
  3. Maintain Rising Talent or Job Success of 90% or more for 13 of the last 16 weeks.
  4. Complete your profile to 100%.
  5. 12 month earnings of at least $1,000.
  6. Current Availablity up to date.
  7. Account in good standing with no recent account holds
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What Really is the Best Day to Bid on Upwork Jobs?


Start of the work week for most of the United States. This is when the stock market opens and businesses start opening across the country.

I choose Monday morning to check for new job postings while I have my coffee. I have found that the beginning of the week is best for new jobs in the categories I use most.


Still a great day to start early and win big.

I think any time in the morning on Tuesday you are sure to find a job from a leading professional and someone that can afford to pay you for your skills.

By the middle of the week most of the jobs are either garbage or spammy.

Saturday is worth checking out but I would stick to Monday if I was starting all over again.

How to Open an Upwork Freelancer Account & Make Money Online

Create an account

It’s really easy to get started on Upwork. You will need to be a real person (no robots allowed).

You will need to have a great high quality image to show potential clients. Being groomed and bathing are suggested before taking such a photo.

Link to create an Upwork account below:

Build your profile

What school did you attend? It will ask you to fill in information about past job experience and any special education you have.

Your profile is not complete until it says 100%. There is no skipping anything with this.

Finding the right category

The key is finding categories that make you money and getting online at peak times to maximize your profit potential.

What times of day are people online hiring? Well it depends on the country and the day of the week. Think about this when deciding when to post a proposal using valuable “connects”.

4 Best Tips That Make A Good Upwork Proposal Great

Tip #1 — Get personal

Don’t skip this first tip. Always try to use the persons name or possibly even location to stand out from the crowd. Remember you are competing for who makes the best impression in their proposal.

Tip #2 — Include attachments

Always take time to include some relevant screenshots or images of past work completed for clients. If you are starting out these maybe fictitious companies you have practiced with. Upwork allows you to send them a few images so don’t let this opportunity go without use.

Tip #3 — Offer Simple Advise

Sometimes telling the customer how you will fix their problem is the way to win them over. Don’t give away the whole thing but reassuring them they have chosen the right freelancer for the job might be nessecary.

Tip #4 — Include Links

Your cover page is a great place to include full URLs to your past projects or your online portfolio. Agencies do this all the time. There’s no reason why you can’t too.

How To Get More Invitations For Jobs On Upwork

There are two really key things to getting your first invitation from someone.

Remember: Some clients on Upwork are not real but just scams to get someone to work for free. I talk more about this on previous blog posts.

Past Clients

Over half of my income comes from past clients that want me to work on their projects. That formula is what makes Upwork such a success story for most hard working freelancers.

Think about it…

What is easy?

Bidding on a new job (using 2 monthly connects), messaging with a client (if you’re lucky), doing the job and finally hoping you get a decent review from it.


A client sends you an invite to a new job and you push “accept offer” on the page & begin work.

To me that’s a NO BRAINER!

Random Clients Searching For Skills

This is really the most valuable reason you need to dedicate time and resources into updating your profile.

What if you never fill out your portfolio. Do you think you’ll get jobs? You might but it won’t last. The best profiles are active with new content and updated pricing from previous jobs.

Your profile also shows the type of jobs you’ve won in the past. This might sway a client to choose you if all you do is WordPress development and they are looking for a new developer to add to their team.

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